Mr. Anonymous

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MR. Anonymous

That’s his name:

Mr. Anonymous.

He says he’s better than you,

Smarter than you,

Slicker than you,

That he is blessed and destined for salvation;

That he has been saved from annihilation

Whilst you, Mr. Sinner…

You’re not.

He wears better clothes than you

And has superior knowledge.

He “likes to roll with the top few”.

He’s better.

Better than you.

His home is the flashiest

And his car is the grandest.

And you…

Have none to your name.

I pity you.

Insignificant you.



Classless you.

Scum-of-the-earth you.



Undistinguished you.

He even has a better posture than you.

He stands tall and proud,

Walks gracefully…

Nose in the air.

Yes, thats his name:

Mr. Anonymous.

Mr. Proud Anonymous,

Middle name: “Prick”

He couldn’t have been graced with a better name.

What a proud prick he is.


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