An Interview With Bella De Lucia

EIA have manged to catch up with Bella De Lucia, author of the short story “I Guess That’s The Problem With Being Caught Up In Something You Don’t Understand Or Even Care About” to discuss her new book, plans for the future and her favorite thing beginning with the letter ‘B’


Ooh…Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Bryson, Douglas Adams.
Good Stuff.
…and the general thrill of everyday life.
Do you tend to work better in silence or to music?
To music…loud music. I find it blocks out all other thoughts and lets my imagination to run it’s course.
…and the most listened to artist whilst you were writing?
Ah, man…At the time probably a lot of drum and bass. Rage Against The Machine. Can’t really remember anymore – t’was a while ago!
Any Song In particular?
Hmmm…I do remember listening to fabric.35 (Marcus Intalex) and fabric.42 (Freq Nasty) Although I don’t generally like dubstep. I can’t really remember a specific song I am afraid.
What time in the day/night do you tend find yourself at your most creative?
Evening. Sometimes until late at night 3:00am, 4:00am even.
Have your own personal drug experiences inspired the book?
Ah yes, especially the ‘morning after’ feeling described in the early chapters (being unable to comprehend anything and settling for tea and rollies as the solution to the bleary-eyed-ness)
Can I get any more info on the substance that Ray smokes? I would like to get some for myself.
Haha, to be honest – I have no idea! Just a flash of inspiration that I hope to explain in the next book.
Can we get any information on the sequel at all? Have you started writing yet?
I’ve written the first chapter (which is stonkin’ if you ask me!) I am brainstorming a few ideas. I have realised I can go literally anywhere with the plot, so need to get back to reality a bit and distinguish between the fantastic / plausible and the not so good/’wack’ ideas.
I look forward to it.
Are the characters in the book based on people in your personal life?
Crawford, the main character is based on a few people I know mixed together. Silver is a man after my own heart; if left to my own devices I would be exactly like him. Ivor Newhow is just my idea of a very irritating human being!
How long roughly did it take you to write?
Good lord…I started writing it properly about three years go, I actually wrote (what is now) chapter seven first… That’s when I came up with the idea. Then I kinda wrote bits of it and developed the plot. I started writing seriously when I quit my job at the Ringers (pub in Chagford, Devon) back in April last year, and spent about three months editing before actually getting it published.
If you had to sum up the book in one word, it would be……? (annoying generic question…I know)
Uh…I’m trying not to say ‘wack’…hang on…I can’t think of anything else. Maybe I should go with ’wack’ haha
One thing you could not live without?
Are you listening to anything at the moment?
System Of A Down (perhaps embarrassingly, but I absolutely love it!)
Was there a motive behind using a fictional surname?
Because my real name sucks! Lucia is my middle name and I added a ‘de’ for good measure.
Do you find your writing to be fairly consistent or do you tend to binge when feeling overly creative?
Yeah. I have boshed out up to 4000 words in a day – I’m either ‘in the zone’ or not at all.
So it’s your first book (of hopefully many) how hard did you find the editing process? Did you find it hard to stop making changes or were you satisfied as it was?
It’s a never-ending process…You find yourself thinking “I could either cut out this whole chapter, and write it all again – or just try and make it better”. I will never be completely satisfied with my work. Very much a perfectionist. So yeah – it was pretty hard work.
Favourite animal?
Hah horses? Ponies are better. Elephants? I have no idea.
Have you got a rough date/target for the completion of the sequel? (I want more)
Haha. I want to get going with it a.s.a.p. I guess my ultimate target is next summer. That might be a little unrealistic though.
Favourite thing beginning with the letter ’B’?
Banana cake? Branston’s pickle? Berets? The colour Blue?
Anything you would like to add?
Uh…nothing that does not involve more Pimms and is appropriate for the magazine!
Well…was this not the best interview you have ever done?!
It was absolutely undoubtedly the best interview I’ve ever done!
How much for the book? And where can I grab one from?

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