Sleep Paralysis

So we’re sat in the poorly filled. Although clean of visible mess, the vibe becomes too much, too grimy. Try being polite and drop hints to those dropping and snorting chemicals. It’s been an unknowingly long time now. Looking at the doors, which now seem to have locks in all shapes and sizes, I think it’s time to herd the friendly grime out. The two doors at 0 degrees and 90 degrees of where I am sat start to lose their locks. I try to speak polite words that it is time to leave, but as I struggle to say this and not even deliver the words a chocolate eclair is unwrapped and put to my mouth and just like anything else I consume it however this sweet innocent thing decides to stay stuck to my teeth and as I try to pull it out, more eclairs push up inside my mouth and disappear and it feels like I am ripping my teeth out…

I awake and can’t move for 5 seconds.

Back in my seat. Right foot to the floor, waves of conscience ripple my body. I start to walk over to the crowd and without saying anything start to push them with a jelly like effort, towards the door. The colors resembled the death of vibrance. Finally the door opened, the door, which originally was to my right at 90 degrees and the group slowly filtered out into the dark hallway. Now I turned to be seated again and the door at 0 degrees squeals open…

Again I’m sat staring at the ceiling, warmth next to me I can’t touch and my eyes tighten shut again.

The room is on loop like a fucking irritating drum beat constantly pulsating. The more I try the more all body movement becomes flimsy and shit. I feel like that witch from Oz melting but I fight and kick out…

“Whats wrong?”


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