Buddy Peace- Orbituray Medicine

Download Buddy Peace’s “Obituary Medicine” show!


Presented by BUDDY PEACE for GLUESTICK ACOUSTICS Productions

1. ‘Introductory Column’ Sequence featuring BROADCAST, YO LA TENGO,
2. LOVE AS LAUGHTER : ‘In Amber’
3. KARATE : ‘Bass Sounds’
4. ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ Interlude
5. CUL DE SAC & JOHN FAHEY : ‘Nothing’ / TOM WAITS : ‘What’s He
Building In There?’
6. LIARS : ‘Front’ / THE EVENS : ‘Everyody Knows’
7. THE HERBALISER : ‘It Ain’t Nothing’ (featuring MF DOOM) (ANDREW
BRODER Remix) / A message from our good friends at PACIFIC STEREO
8. THE SHINS : ‘Weird Divide’ (Buddy’s ‘DIVISION BEAT RADIO’ Remix)
9. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC COMPANY : ‘Farewell Transmission’
10. ‘Maverick Axe Training’ Interlude
11. SUBTLE : ‘The Mercury Craze’ (Buddy’s ‘ARTERY KNOT’ Remix – the
winner of the remix contest! HOLLAH!)
12. DAVE HOUSE : ‘Death & Taxes’ (with intro and outro edits)
13. ‘Intermission Break’ Sequence featuring DEAD TEXAN : ‘Aegian
Airlines’ / STARS OF THE LID : ‘Requiem For Dying Mothers’ (Part 2)
14. SCOUT NIBLETT : ‘Kidnapped By Neptune’
15. ‘End To End Draft Card Burner’ Sequence featuring BRANDON WADE /
HALO BENDERS : ‘Bomb Shelter’ (Part 2)
16. FUGAZI : ‘Afterthought’
17. ARCADE FIRE : ‘No Cars Go’ (SMEE & LONAN Remake / original EP version)
18. ‘Yeah I Got Some Last Words…’ Sequence featuring TOM WAITS,
19. THE BLACK KEYS : ‘240 Years Before Your Time’ (bonus cut version)
/ ‘Afterlude’ featuring Q & NOT U and EXHAUST
20. THE GENTLEMEN LOSERS : ‘Salt Of The Sea’ (Buddy’s ‘FOLLOW FOR NOW’ Remix)
21. SEBADOH : ‘Spoiled’


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