An Interview With…Aye Aye

aye aye

EIA has spent there evening talking to Nicholas O’Neil. Drummer of Bristol based psychedelic band Aye Aye.

For anyone unfamiliar with the music of Aye Aye can you summarize it in a couple of words?
spicy psychedelic rock.
You ended 2009 with a bit of a bang around Bristol. What’s the plan for the new year?
Our keyboardist Edu broke his leg badly just before Xmas and is in Spain for a couple of months while it gets better.
So for the first few months of this year we are having a break from gigging and can then spend sometime finishing off new tracks, writing some new material. The big aim for us this year is to play at as many festivals that will take us and to go back to Spain and play a few gigs for our fans over there.
You have just completed an E.P a matter of months ago. Will the new material be built on this previous sound or are you moving in a different direction?
The style and sound is constantly developing, we are writing better than before and we are playing with each other better than before. Very exciting times
How long have you guys known each other? and been playing as a band?
The Spaniards in the band have been with each other since 2007. I joined at the end of 2008 and our new lemur Dave joined at the end of 2009. We are evolving.
For the people who are unaware of the roots behind the name ‘aye aye’ can you give us a quick explanation? What inspired the title?
An Aye Aye is a nocturnal Madagascan lemur on the brink of extinction. Madagascan natives believe it to be a harbringer of evil and misfortune and is often killed upon sighting. It is a completely misrepresented animal. It is not particularly appeasing on the eye but we see the beauty in it. It started off as a theatre group of actors and musicians and evolved solely into a band.
Musical inspirations?
Radiohead, Sonic Youth & the Gods that invented the song “Macarena.”
Haha nice. Right if you were unfortunate enough to loose both of yours arms in an horrific mining incident…and therefore unable to play drums. How would you express your creativity?
BOTH ARMS!!!! If I lost one I could at least be like the Def Leppard drummer. TWO!!! The only tool I would have (by process of elimination) would be my penis…. and I am not that creative with it
…Lets move on before it gets awkward, if you could share a stage with anyone, living or dead. Who would it be?
Cinematic Orchestra or Led Zeppelin… I….. Can’t….. Decide….
Two great answers. If you could share a drink with anyone, living or dead. Who would it be?
I want to say Martin Luther King just to be cheesy but it would have to be a musician Doris Day…. I don’t know. NO
Haha ok! A random, funny experience you have shared as a band?
Having chavs jump up on stage at a quiet gig and taking their tops off and jumping around the stage – they were complete and utter Neanderthals. They paid entrance fee just to do that. We have decided that if that happens again then we are going to nail them…
Haha I look forward to it! One thing Aye Aye could not live without….?
Grubs from inside hollowed trees
The last song you listened to?
So the next couple of months are going to be focused on writing new tunes. Have you got any gigs in the pipeline at all? When’s Edu due home?
We are being offered gigs now but we are having to turn them down, we might do one in Madrid in a couple of months but that is the only thing in the pipeline so far.
…Well if you need any help strapping him up and getting him on a plane back to the sunny UK you know where we are!

Your favourite thing beginning with the letter ‘B’?


Anything you would like to add?
Yeah. Our myspace.


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