Prison Tats


Tattoo’s on a Tuesday evening…


As well as being a sick illustrator Tom Stokes is also a passionate tattooist. With nothing better to do on a Tuesday evening I decided to put some ink on my foot. Tom has tattooed various friends and individuals and the fact he owns a tattoo gun and conveniently lives 4 doors down from me it seemed inevitable.

Sat in my smoky bedroom listening to Dylan and chain smoking seemed like a more comfortable option than my first experience – The dregs of a 4 day binge, still tripping from the night before as I lay on the leather reclining seat of the studio glaring at my 3 friends gurning and swaying in the background.


I plan to progress with this design over time and eventually cover my whole foot. I’d love to hear some opinions so drop me a comment and let me know your ideas!


One thought on “Prison Tats

  1. Nice. i once designed a tattoo similar to that, except i left the circles without filling them in. i went as far as using henna and doing the design on the side of my foot to see how it would look. always wanted one on my foot…

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