Postcards From The Side Of The Road #2


A new month and a new playlist from EIA’s resident The Perfectly Adequate DJ

Breakbeat Era – Breakbeat Era

I used to absolutely hammer this record in school. Me and my friends would gather around and share headphones, completely convinced we were listening to the greatest music that there was. I like to think my musical tastes have matured a little since then but I have been revisiting this album recently and this song is a real cracker.

The Wave Pictures – Now You Are Pregnant

David Tattersall has one of those voices that perfectly straddles the line of endearingly absorbing/positively grating. Other people sitting on this metaphorical line include Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and Ringo Starr of The Beatles.

William Elliott Whitmore – Old Devils

Whilst we’re on the subject of voices, William Elliott Whitmore’s defies belief. It conjures up images of a grey bearded old time blues singer with a weather beaten face and a long history of heavy smoking. So imagine my surprise when I found out that he was born a mere seven years before me and I still sound like I did in the primary school choir. I’ve obviously been living my life completely wrong.

Modeselektor – The Dark Side Of The Sun

One of Thom Yorke’s favourite bands. Not that that automatically qualifies them as messiahs we should all worship, though you probably should. This song is what I imagine hop hop from outer space would sound like. The MC’s on this record are a German hip hip group called Puppetmastaz who perform live using a variety of different animal puppets. I know, awesome right?

Kings Of Convenience – Boat Behind

2009 saw the release of the first Kings Of Convenience record since 2004’s ‘Riot On An Empty Street’. If I were to ever make it into government, my first motion would be to create a law that forced anyone who could write songs as beautiful as these guys to release a new record every year. Don’t give me any of that “suppressing creativity” nonsense, just get those songs written.


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